How to Choose the Best Position for Great Sex during Pregnancy?

Some of the major issues that affect sex during pregnancy include:

  • Inability of a pregnant woman to lie on her back
  • Some women don’t want their men to have their men on top when having sex  
  • Some women are uncomfortable with too deep penetration during pregnancy
  • Some pregnant women have orgasm issues

These are some of the challenges that you should address with your partner when choosing the best position for sex during pregnancy. When you openly address these issues, you might realize that sex is actually the best when pregnant.

Consider the Trimester

Your trimester will influence how you feel about having sex. In one trimester, you can feel really excited about having sex. However, sex might be the last thing to think about in another trimester.  For instance, fatigue and nausea can pre-occupy your mind during the first pregnancy trimester. At this time, you might not care about what your body or your partner wants. During the second trimester, you can be raring to go. But, in the third trimester, sex can seem doable at first and not enticing later on.

But, regardless of how you feel about sex, consider a sex position that you are comfortable with at every trimester. Additionally, avoid sex practices that can hinder blood flow into your belly and the abdominal region. If a sex position feels uncomfortable, switch to a different position. Practice the right sex position for great sex during pregnancy and you won’t have to worry about losing your man to Las Vegas escorts.

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